Implementation, how long does it take?

Moving from one management system to the next can seem like a daunting task. But as we continue to move deeper into the age of technology, it’s no longer an option. We see this change in virtually every sector of business. Some call it “market disruption” and Amazon, Uber and Airbnb are just a few of those disruptions we can name.

One of the big questions potential users of R18LabQMS will ask is, How long will it take for complete implementation?” “Great Question! I say. The answer is…it depends! There are a lot of variables to consider so let’s take a look.

The following is a list of questions that will need to be addressed when beginning the implementation process and determining the timeline.

• Are you currently accredited?
• Does your lab have a QMS in place, whether or not you are accredited?
• Are you currently following the guidelines of AASHTO R18?
• What format is your QMS in? (paper or digital)
• How many areas of accreditation? (aggregates, asphalt binder, etc.)
• How many pieces of equipment/number of procedures?
• How many people are dedicated to the process?
• These are just a few of the considerations when implementing your

QMS content into any new format or system. So back to the question: ‘How long does it take for implementation?’ My answer is, it depends on your dedication to time, resources, and the process.

Let’s look at another question: “Why would I move from one QMS management system to another?” The obvious answer is: to better manage your QMS in a standardized fashion and to maintain and implement the processes set forth, as this will save on both resources and time.

User questions

Q: Does R18labQMS provide equipment procedures that are ready to go?

A: There are procedures for general testing equipment with basic formats for a cal/check/standard/maintenance procedures. All procedures, when adding, should be reviewed against the most current standard that meets your laboratory’s specific requirements. Additionally, each procedure should include; Purpose, Verification, Equipment Required, Tolerance, Procedure. And as always, refer to the most current standard when creating or updating equipment procedures. Once a procedure is created, they can be copied or edited and shared with other (satellite) laboratories within your account.


R18LabQMS YouTube channel
Training and informational videos that include version updates, R18LabQMS demos and more.

R18LabQMS has a knowledge base
Accessible from the dashboard within the application, top right “help”.

Training opportunities

Once you work through the setup process, the following links can be found in the lower right-hand corner of the application;
User Guide
R18 Blog

WebEx – Additional training, please let us know and we can set this up.
Onsite Training – Fee-based, please inquire.

Upcoming meetings for 2019

AASHTO re:source Technical Exchange
March 11-14, 2019 – Savannah, Georgia

For all questions regarding your quality management system, whether your lab is accredited or not, please contact us and learn how R18LabQMS can add value to your company.

– Gary Irvine
R18LabQMS Program Manager