NEW Application Update v2.0.2

With the New Year here, we have made an update to a couple areas of the application. We hope that these updates are found to be useful in your management of your QMS in 2019. We appreciate the feedback we have gotten about updates, suggestions for new features, and we will continue to work on improvements for the application.

New Updates:

1) Internal Audit Report

  • This is the biggest area of the updates — and an area that needed updating. We have added date ranges, start and end dates for the report. You can now save progress and edit reports, as well as attach supporting files. The new features for this report fall in line with the other reports under the Reports tab.

2) Management Review Notifications

  • Under Email Notifications>Misc. Notifications, we have added Management Reviews as one of the options for users to be email about. The Management Review notification will now only be sent out to those who are selected from the Email Notifications list on a 12-month basis.

3) Calibration Procedure Report Bug Fix

  • This was a fix to remove the Measurement Standard table from PDFs of completed equipment calibrations. Regardless of whether a Measuremente Standard was used, the table would appear on the PDF. This will now only appear when a Measurement Standard is used.

4) Miscellaneous Bugs

  • Since the release of v2.0.1, we made various small bug fixes to improve the usability of the application.


That’s all for v2.0.2! We’ll let you know when the next round of updates will happen. As always, we appreciate the feedback on suggestions and improvements for the application.

For all questions regarding your quality management system, please contact us.


Zack McKay
Software Analyst and Support